Friday, April 25, 2014

I've been meaning to post about what I'm currently PC'ing, So here she goes. 

I'm always looking for anything and everything of the following:
Mariano Rivera
Rickey Henderson (Especially PSA 9's)
Thurman Munson

I also like any Yankees game used, specifically old stuff. 
Secondarily, I look for Mark Teixeira stuff, and Melky Cabrera low numbered stuff.
Lastly, I'm slowly working on the Parks and Recreation master set. 

Having said all this, I have to say I've been off of my game lately. With a young kid at home, 2 jobs, Mortgage and weddings, I can't spend on cards like I used to. 

As many of you know, I'm a bit of a box buster but even that has taken a back seat lately. So how do I feed my habit with no money and no time? SINGLES!

I've been just grabbing up random weird stuff that I can afford, here's some examples (I apologize for the shit photos I took @5am this morning):

This one is a card I've been looking for for a while. It's out there but a bit overpriced in my opinion. Thanks to  on twitter for moving it at a reasonable price. I'm still looking for the "Enter Sandman" and "Game Over" versions if anyone has them.

This card is bad ass! I'm not much of a Cut auto guy, but this is an embedded check piece of Bobby Thompson. I love the design and it's a perfect random PC pick up.

The Photo sucks on this one, but I love this card. Got it cheap too. It's a huge Reggie head and massive navy swatch. Only thing missing is the interlocking NY.

I was lucky enough to get a TTM from Mr. Offerman a few months back, he even described it "Get a job". I love Ron Swanson so much that I felt I needed the certified auto. Here it is, in all of its pompadoured glory.

Finally, I grabbed my first "Clear" or "Acetate card". This is from this years Leaf Trinity. It just seemed like a card I need to own. It's completely transparent. I would have taken almost anyone, but the Judge came at a good price and seemed like a no-brainer.  Check the thickness of this mother!

Thanks for looking at what I collect. I'm always willing to trade if you'd like to get something going.  Now get off the computer and send me some shit!