Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Ebay Nemesis

So I have an Ebay Nemesis....Here's what I know about him: His Username is b***s. Yup, that's all I know about him. I like to think the "b" stands for bull, and the "s" stands for STUPID ASSHOLE. ok, I feel better. So here's where my hatred stems from. He, like me, is a Mark Teixeira Super Collector. I know this because his pockets are deeper than mine and he constantly beats me out of 1/1's and other rarities. Don't get me wrong, I get some pleasure out of driving up the price, but that comes right back around when I really want something, I end up over paying because of his BS. So here's my idea, I'd like to team up with BS. Discuss cards with him as the pop up on the bay. "Hey man, I won't bid up on this one, it's yours....I'll take the next one". Think he'd go for it? Yeah, me neither. So do me a favor twitter and blog followers, if you run in to b***s tell him I'm looking for him and I am not happy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There's no better feeling than the completion of a Set!

Ah, The Completion of a set. For months I've been checking my mailbox everyday upon arriving home from work like Ralphie from a Christmas story, except my little Orphan Annie decoder pen was a 2010 Luke Hughes Redemption auto.....That's Right LUKE HUGHES! He was the last final piece needed in my 2010 Topps Chrome Rookie Autograph set. Collectors took issue with the 2010 chrome set due to the cards being curled and wavy, I never had an issue with them. The majority of these cards were pack pulled by me personally and all of them have straightened out with the help of a magical 5 cent top loader.  Many say the 2010 class was the best in recent years. Feel free to decide for yourself. Below you will find scans of the entire set. Keep in mind these scans are not all centered and show imperfections that aren't necessarily associated with the card. Not all of the cards are perfect, but I'm not a graded so to me they'll do just fine. All auto's are on card. You will see many autos of future and current greats, like Mike Stanton, Starlin Castro, Carlos Santana, Stephen Strasburg, Jason Heyward, Austin Jackson, Ike Davis, Brennan Boesch and of course..........Luke Hughes