Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Now that's how you announce a redemption program

So a few months back I bought an uninspiring case of Bowman Chrome. My first case ever. Not only was the case disappointing but about a week after I tossed my wrappers Topps announced a redemption program. I considered dumpster diving but I was too late. Well with about 9 days to go before Topps 2011 series one drops, Topps announces the following.


Well done Topps!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Ashburns..Then Stick it out the window! (MFP #2)

Here's the 2nd card in my ongoing series of MFP = My Favorite Pulls. Again, these aren't my best cards but they're cards I personally pulled from packs and will probably never get rid of. Enjoy today's submission:

This is from 2010 Topps Tribute. If you haven't realized already from MFP #1, I'm a sucker for vintage material. I'm a Yankees fan, but even I can admit it's nice to see pinstripes of a different color once in a while.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I pick things up then put them down..... (MFP #1)

.......Put them down into my PC that is. This is the 1st in a long list of MFP (My favorite pulls) I'll be showcasing some of my favorite cards that I'll probably never get rid of. So why not start with the man that started it all:
This is from 2006 UD Epic. I love that the card is #'1/25. If you all could only see this one in person that material is so old it feel like it's just going to turn to dust in the cut-out. The back says it's from his pants. Feign all you want over his 206 card, I'm content with this legends pants. (I realize how that sounds......I'm cool with it)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I MUST BREAK YOU: 2010 Bowman Platinum

Picked up a box of 2010 Bowman Platinum from my fave hobby shop DCS Sportscards

Allen and Ginter TTM Success!

So I'm not a big TTM guy. I Like it but it's a hassle. So about twice a year I get in the mood and I send out about 20 cards. This year I sent out a bunch of the Allen and Ginter Non-baseball cards. I had some luck with like the worlds greatest juggler or whatever, but todays mail day topped them all. I honestly forgot I sent this out and who would have thought that is came in today, day 1 of the new Blog:

Pretty sweet right? At 1st I didn't realize what the 0's in  2008 were, I thought it was just written weird but a second glance revealed that the 0's are actually the Olympic rings, making it one of the coolest Auto's ever!

The old Blog

Heres a link to my previous Blog that I never kept up with. Theres some OK content, but I was never happy with Tumblr. My New Years resolution is to maintain the Blogspot. Let's see how I do. Here's the old one: http://yanksandbeans.tumblr.com/

It's a new Day, It's a new Blog, It's a new post. And I'm feeling good

So let's get right into it. As my description says I consider myself a Mark Teixeira Super-collector. I have over 500 unique Tex cards ( not counting dupes). About 40 of those are Auto and about 65 are game used. I have rainbows, refractors, bats, shoes, on-card, stickers.. you name it.

Many ask why I collect Tex, I mean he's a great player but he comes off as a dick sometimes. Well my answer is simple, I always wanted to play first base for the New York Yankees, this guy's got my dream job. But it's more than that. 1st off Tex is a switch hitter which automatically doubles his stance photos on cards. He's played for 4 great teams (Rangers, Angels, Braves, Yanks) This gives way to all sorts of different colored game used and card designs. To me he's a perfect subject to collect.

I figured the best way to start my new blog is by showing off some of my collection. So please enjoy my top 10 favorite Mark Teixeira Cards:

10) #'d to 25, this card has a sweet patch coming right through the #3, and the card itself just looks so Regal

9) This card has a huge chunk of shoe bursting out of it, and a piece of scratched up glove.. Awesome

8) The Pie Face. OK, I recognize how gimmicky this card is and I'm totally cool with it. Plus I remember the moment it happened

7) Nothing too special about this one, I just love the patch. It appears to be from the middle of the star patch on the arm of the jersey in the photo

6) I personally don't care too much about printing plates but this is my only official 1/1, and the pose is perfect, complete with his signature exhale

5) Here's my other 1/1, it's not an official card but damn it's on hell-of-a sketch. I picked this up on the 'bay and it was quickly one of the cornerstones of my collection

4) My 4th fave Tex card is here just for aesthetic purposes, I think this card and the auto are just perfect.

3) Now this card is almost the same as above, only with much more sentimental value. It might be hard to tell from the scan but the colors in the Mantle GU are just nuts

2) #2 is easily my fave Tex auto I own. It is a hand #'d buyback that includes a separate Cert card. The auto is flawless

1) And finally, you can't call yourself a Teixeira collector without his official rookie auto card. This is the crown jewel of my Tex collection

Well I hope you all enjoyed it, and I hope you like the new blog. Stay tuned for box breaks, recaps, and basically just my take on the hobby. I hope to have some more of my "top 10's" up later this week.