Monday, September 12, 2011

My Ebay Nemesis....Found?

Well folks, for those of you following the saga (See my Previous Post) it is possible that my Mark Teixeira, Ebay Super-Collecting Nemesis has been found. My good Twitter buddy (@Kjsweetman19, who is a godsend) has been on the case since my post. Today he Tweeted me a photo bucket of a guy who collects Tex so hard that he has and hands out his own business card for people to contact him if they come across and Tex. I won't show his info for 2 reasons:

1: Umm hello, if you have any Tex, I want em....I'm not giving you this guys info
2: Well, 2 is because I just Emailed him and introduced myself amicably, instead of constantly bidding up each other, maybe we can help each other out.
Let's see if he responds.

My fingers are crossed, but my breath isn't held

I'll keep you updated