Monday, September 12, 2011

My Ebay Nemesis....Found?

Well folks, for those of you following the saga (See my Previous Post) it is possible that my Mark Teixeira, Ebay Super-Collecting Nemesis has been found. My good Twitter buddy (@Kjsweetman19, who is a godsend) has been on the case since my post. Today he Tweeted me a photo bucket of a guy who collects Tex so hard that he has and hands out his own business card for people to contact him if they come across and Tex. I won't show his info for 2 reasons:

1: Umm hello, if you have any Tex, I want em....I'm not giving you this guys info
2: Well, 2 is because I just Emailed him and introduced myself amicably, instead of constantly bidding up each other, maybe we can help each other out.
Let's see if he responds.

My fingers are crossed, but my breath isn't held

I'll keep you updated


  1. I found my ebay nemisis years ago and did the same thing.

    Hands down best thing I've done. We still battle it out on cards sometimes, but a lot of times we talk about things ahead of time.

    He has also helped me out countless times and I have tried to reciprocate. It's been awesome.

    Good luck to you.

  2. Good luck. If nothing else, at least you know who you're up against. Maybe if Regis is attacking his ankles, you could distract him long enough to win a card or two.

  3. Nick, I appreciate the kind words, thanks brother. Glad I could help you out. Good luck in dealing with the nemesis!


  4. Okay, so kjsweetman19 found me. Tag back.

    No really it was nice to hear from you but sorry I'm collecting ALL Teixeira, so no easy way to split 1/1's. Sorry about that, apparently I don't play well with others.

    More than happy to discuss any duplicates I have or getting some of your 1/1s if you need the cash or wish to change collecting focus (hint)?

    Let me know. See ya on ebay. (By the way my eBay id is dalsubfan. ebay recodes the names when showing feedback so you can't backtrack them. Unless you are really good at it.)

    How many Tex 1/1's do you have?


    80% of Teixeira cards in existence including over 700+ 1/1s including plates.

  5. By the way cute dog. I've got an 18 lbs cat around here somewhere that would love to meet him. ;)

    Always paying TOP dollar for Teixeira I need.

  6. Ah, and now you have found me. I almost feel guilty about posting about my "Nemesis" but it turns out he's a good guy. I don't have a photo bucket but I do have a spreadsheet of my collection I could send you. I have about 700 unique cards, about 40 autos, 100 game used, and about 8 1/1 plates. Maybe we can work out some trades, otherwise I guess I'll see you on the battlefield.

  7. You guys could really capitalize on this - this is America, after all.

    Pre-announce your up-coming Teixeira war information (item and close date of auction)for a nice little $1 or so 'gift' on paypal.

    Then, the rest of us Romans can pop some popcorn, sit back and watch the mayhem ensue. I'm sure a "pick the winner" pool would materialize as well. After all, we're dudes.

    "Let's Get It On!"

  8. Send me the spreadsheet, I'll see what I have here OR you can go to COMC ID dalsubfan and see what I have you need. (It will be faster) I put all my extras out there. I'll cut you a deal.

    4800 unique cards
    no idea on Autos or game used (I don't count them separately)
    700 + 1/1 (including plates)
    3 1/1s won this last week and on their way in.

    here is something I posted online before about the difference between a Collector and an Obsessed Collector.

    Top 5 ways you know YOUR collection has reached obsessive;

    5. You measure acquisitions in terms of % points not # of cards. (1 card is .01 for me)
    4. When you search the web every entry on WORTHPOINT website is an auction you won.
    3. The guys at Topps design the Triple Threads inserts to punish you, personally.
    2. When someone outbids you on eBay, they are afraid, very afraid. (wink)
    1. You attend National every year and consider it a success when you find 1 card you need. (Me in 2011, 1 plate)


    By the way the business cards have not worked too well. So far only two call backs both on lame stuff.

  9. Ryan LaMonica,

    well if I am doing my job right the cards I want NEVER appear on eBay. They get brought to me on little silver electronic platters.

    Seriously, I get half my 1/1s from other collectors who know about me and contact me directly. Rarely do those cards end up eBay. If they do, only once have I paid more than I originally offered. And only twice have I been outbid, (Why someone would pay over $100 for one of the 2008 Topps M&M Reds, I'll never figure out)


    you are welcome to this one

    Way over priced and he won't listen to reasonable offers


  10. Dalsubfan,

    I didn't have to search too hard. Your name came up pretty quick in that forum. I was just trying to help my buddy out..

  11. kjsweetman19,

    No prob. Actually I need to find out which 4 plates Nick has so I can put him on the list.

    Yes, I have a list of where the 1/1's I need live. I tend to contact the individuals once and awhile to see if they want to sell.

    I don't really believe in that old saying that the friend of your enemy is an enemy.
    (Not much) ;)


  12. Love this one

    It's a 2006 UD Original Painting for Heroes that was not used. So it's a 1/1 never released original painting.

    Nick, FYI someone got the 2011 Topps Chrome Superfractor for between $350 and $450. Too much for me. Did you sell Regis for it?


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