Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And Melky came out of my nose

My Wife, my wife is a saint. Not only is she sweet, funny, and caring but above all she does not bust my chops about my collecting. She could, it consumes my time, our money and lots of space. I've been back into collecting for about 5 years now and I knew early on how this hobby lends itself perfectly to obsessive compulsive types such as myself. Knowing that early, I needed to protect my obsession and my marriage so I did what any responsible adult would do.......I got my wife obsessed as well!

When we met she knew nothing about baseball, all I needed was the 2009 Yankees to get her hooked. She got into it fast and hardcore, questioning Managers decisions within months of learning the game. What I appreciated was her ( for lack of a better word) "girly" take on the game. She liked the way the players looked in baseball pants and winced if their Uni's got too dirty (That's gonna be a bitch to get out!). What drew her mostly into the game were the players and their relationships with each other, especially Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera. Two Clean cut young guys who spoke broken english and were trying to make a name for themselves on the biggest team on the Planet. She liked how they seemed to always be smiling and helping each other. I took full advantage of this. "You should start collecting cards with me babe, you should collect Melky", I said. She seemed semi into the idea but there weren't back flips like I was hoping for. I told her I'd pick her up a few key Melkys and see how she liked them. The rest is History. 

Below you will find only a select few cards from my wife's Melky Cabrera collection, which I feel may be the best out there. We were so psyched to see the Melk man named MVP of the All Star game last week. His cards have jumped a bit because of it but are still reasonable. It seems there is a good collector base in San Francisco because since Cabrera's move, some of the low #'d stuff has been harder to come by. Luckily for us we started a few years ago. I hope you enjoy:


  1. man that is truly awesome...my wife is supportive of me and she likes opening packs but idle if she would collect or not. although she does like the walking dead...hmmm

  2. Great story. My other half is very understanding as well, but no way she'd ever collect.

    That's a hell of a Melky collection! Has to be one of the best out there.