Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Opinionation: Topps 2011 Series 1

Well today is the day. It's the official launch of the Topps 2011 Flagship set, and i'm like a Seal at a fish fry. A lot of collectors like to bitch about everything that is wrong with this product, well any product for that manner. Anyone that follows me knows I'm a positive guy who tries hard to live by the ole' "If you ain't got nuttin nice to say....." adage. So enjoy the next few comments and photos as I swoon over the product that got us all started.

So far I've picked up a jumbo box and 2 blasters so the cards below were snagged by me personally.

The Base Card:  
I'm digging the design. It's pretty straight forward and clean, like it should be. I've been noticing a good mix of Landscape vs Portrait cards

The Parallel:

So this is a "Diamond" variation card and I'n not gonna lie.....I love it. I'm seriously considering building this entire set. Naturally there a Gold variations of the base card and even "Canary" variations which are like Gold variations of the Diamond Parallel. They may even be 1 of 1's. Awesome!

The Mini's:

That's right. This years Topps has a Mini insert set called "Kimball Champions" It's a 50 card insert set that I'm psyched about

The 60th:

Here's another insert set pretty much just depicting the 60th Anniversary. There are some great names in this subset. There are relic and Auto versions of these cards ( I have yet to get my hands on any)

60YOT (60 Years of topps)

This is a classic reprint set of some of Topps' greatest cards. Look for original back short prints with this one

The Reprints:

Ok this is the one I'm most excited about. This is a 30 card insert set of some of the hobby's most well known cards. Including reproductions of T206, Goudey, Bowman and more. I've landed 2 Babe's already.

The Duo's

This is the only thing about 2011 Topps I'm not crazy about. In my opinion this is just a recast of last years "Legendary Lineage" set. Even the design is similar.

The Manufactured Glove Leather:

I jacked 2 of these from my jumbo box. After the Hat and bat barrels from last year, a glove was the next logical step. Keep in mind these are manufactured and have not been worn by the player.

The SP's

This product promises alot of short prints including 1 of 1's that have real diamonds embedded in them. I've seen SP's on eBay that have the faintest sparkle of a diamond located somewhere not obvious on the card. And of course the retro players on new style cards like the one above.

The Exclusives:

When purchasing blasters at either Walmart or Target you can expect some pulss you wouldn't normally find in hobby boxes, including black cards, Manufactured patches and other 60th anniversary variations. I just Yanked this Yank at lunch. Welcome to the PC MR. Jeter.

I'll keep you posted of any stellar cards I pull. In other words, I can't wait to pick up some more.

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