Saturday, February 26, 2011

A last minute entry in the $10 Challenge 2/26/11

Upon poking around on Twitter this afternoon, I noticed a few collector friends were having another $10 challenge.  Here's the quick version: Head over to your local hobby shop, spend 10 bucks, post your treasures to twitters. Treasures could be something valuable, vintage, odd, or just plain interesting. I'm not sure how many folk participated but I did notice Chris Olds scored a Nick Swisher auto #'d to 10, not only a great score but Chris is a huge Swisher fan and collector, making a card like that all the more sweet. Another follower @cardboardicons got himself a few Steve Johnson autos and some vintage game used, great stuff. Heres the best part: No one really wins or loses this contest, but it's just a cool way to see what other collectors have access to. 

So here's my story and submission. 
I headed over to the Flea Market today to get the wife's watches fixed, I really didn't have plans to enter the $10 challenge, but theres a little shop there, I usually don't go there cause the owner's a Dick, flat out. But, score for me, we wasn't there today! So I spent 6 minutes, 10 bucks, and came home with these guys:

Naturally, I'm going to ask you to put condition aside, but these are 2 cards I've always wanted for my collection. To me the Uecker didn't matter, I just don't have I do. The Reggie, well the Reggie is in terrible shape, but the card is classic, and now it's mine.

So I had to haggle with the worker to give me the Uecker for $2, so i could afford this one to complete my $10 (the can was $3). It's a 1997 Pinnacle "inside" Pack-in-a-can. The can is unopened (we'll see how long that lasts for, I've been known to bust unopenables after a few Jack and Cokes). The card features one of my faves Andy Pettitte on the outside. 

So there it is, I'm down $10 but I got a few nice cards I've always wanted and can of mystery. All in all, a pretty good day.

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  1. I love me some Reggie in his A's uniform... and how I miss the days of Pinnacle Inside... I busted a ton of the football and hockey product... and as embarassing as this may sound... I even popped a few WNBA cans.