Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Some major flipping to start the New Year

Hey Kids,

It's been a minute since I've last posted. I'd like to tell you that this Blog is back and I'll be updating it regularly, but I'm a busy dude with 2 jobs, 2 young kids and a million other things going on. This busy lifestyle has affected my collecting life too. I've had to chill out a bit which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. As opposed to busting a ton of boxes like I normally do, I spent a good portion of last year being patient and picking off some major PC items. Here's what I got and how they came to be.

Over the Summer I popped on 2 boxes of Archives (I love that product). I hit a couple of Monsters in those boxes:

Awesome cards right?!?! Now although I love the movie Bull Durham I don't really care too much for these cards. It was a easy decision to sell.

Next, I decided to enter a single spot break of Topps Transcendent and I'm so happy I did. That single spot yielded my this:

Yet another card that's meaningless to me but I know others are paying big bucks for it. So again I sold.

Here's what I replaced these cards with:


Pretty sweet right? The Jeter is so beautiful and it's my first Certified auto. Here's what's weird about it... I think this is from an UD basketball set. I believe it's the last time he signed while still playing. Whatever it is, I love it.

The Bryant I bought because I have this same card unsigned and oversized from the 2015 National. I wanted an on card auto on an RC to mission accomplished. 

Finally, the Koufax. Not to be morbid but I just have a bad feeling about the "Left arm of God" this year. I wanted to grab an auto of his before (God forbid) he passes and they sky rocket. This was simply a gorgeous card for the right price.

Thanks for the read, I'm hoping to have some more major PC additions to show you throughout the year.