Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is here and Flowers are in Bloom #showmeyourflower

Well It's the 1st day of Spring and I think it's safe to say the Northeast has made it through Winter without a Winter.

With many new Baseball card products being pushed out this time of year, this weekend (with the help of a twitter friend) I found my self rummaging through a vintage set.....2011 Topps Allen and Ginter.

As some of you may remember, Topps included a Mini set in 2011 called "Flora of the World". The mini card are the industry's first Plantable cards....Yup, Plantable! You are literally supposed to plant the card, your spoils are the blooming flowers that follow. I was psyched to pack-pull one of these little Botanical bitches last year. I assumed it was rare and worth something....not so much. So I stashed it and actually forget is existed. That is until a twitter friend from Texas (handle: @Danolaurel) tweeted that he too had one and was thinking about planting the lil bugger.

Challenge Accepted!

I threw down a friendly wager. We would plant on the same day and in a few weeks/months let our other twitter followers decide who had the (for lack of a better word) most "Endowed" Plant. Winner buys the other a pack pf 2012 Ginter.

Here is the Progress so far:

 This is my pristine Sweet Alyssum Plant card 
And here's that same card Ridin' Dirty.. 
Just call me Brett Gardner (Get it?...GARDNER...ouch)

And here's a Vid of @Danolaurel and his adorbs daughter planting theirs. Good luck Green Thumbs!

Stay Tuned for Updates!