Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Day I met the Killer

It's not much of a story, but it feels relevant none the less. In the summer of 09' I went to Cooperstown to see my childhood hero Rickey Henderson get inducted into the Hall. If you've never been to the Coop on an induction weekend, you must, if even just to see the Legends that line the Street. Literally the moment I stepped on Main st upon arriving there was a tent that housed 5 Hall of Famers. The first being Harmon "The Killer" Killebrew. I turned to my wife, "Holy Shit! it's Harmon Killebrew". That statement was overused for the rest of the weekend, just replace the legend. Anyway, to meet these Heroes and have them sign something was about $50 a pop. I naturally couldn't afford all 5, so I only got an Auto from the 1st guy I saw when my feet hit Main st. It was a quick encounter, but one I'll never forget.

RIP Mr. Killebrew

PS. It was the only card of him I had with me, I regretted not bringing a licensed product until I handed him the card and he said, "Wow, I look good here". Indeed he did.