Friday, April 25, 2014

I've been meaning to post about what I'm currently PC'ing, So here she goes. 

I'm always looking for anything and everything of the following:
Mariano Rivera
Rickey Henderson (Especially PSA 9's)
Thurman Munson

I also like any Yankees game used, specifically old stuff. 
Secondarily, I look for Mark Teixeira stuff, and Melky Cabrera low numbered stuff.
Lastly, I'm slowly working on the Parks and Recreation master set. 

Having said all this, I have to say I've been off of my game lately. With a young kid at home, 2 jobs, Mortgage and weddings, I can't spend on cards like I used to. 

As many of you know, I'm a bit of a box buster but even that has taken a back seat lately. So how do I feed my habit with no money and no time? SINGLES!

I've been just grabbing up random weird stuff that I can afford, here's some examples (I apologize for the shit photos I took @5am this morning):

This one is a card I've been looking for for a while. It's out there but a bit overpriced in my opinion. Thanks to  on twitter for moving it at a reasonable price. I'm still looking for the "Enter Sandman" and "Game Over" versions if anyone has them.

This card is bad ass! I'm not much of a Cut auto guy, but this is an embedded check piece of Bobby Thompson. I love the design and it's a perfect random PC pick up.

The Photo sucks on this one, but I love this card. Got it cheap too. It's a huge Reggie head and massive navy swatch. Only thing missing is the interlocking NY.

I was lucky enough to get a TTM from Mr. Offerman a few months back, he even described it "Get a job". I love Ron Swanson so much that I felt I needed the certified auto. Here it is, in all of its pompadoured glory.

Finally, I grabbed my first "Clear" or "Acetate card". This is from this years Leaf Trinity. It just seemed like a card I need to own. It's completely transparent. I would have taken almost anyone, but the Judge came at a good price and seemed like a no-brainer.  Check the thickness of this mother!

Thanks for looking at what I collect. I'm always willing to trade if you'd like to get something going.  Now get off the computer and send me some shit!

Monday, April 14, 2014

I MUST BREAK YOU: 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Box

Literally the Shittiest box break ever!

(Disclaimer: I take wonderful care of my daughter. I did not let her sit in poop, she just likes saying poop. Thank you for your time)

Monday, April 7, 2014

My top 10 Yankee Stadium Moments

Well it's Opening Day over at Yankee Stadium. As everyone knows, this Cathedral in the Bronx has been the back drop for some of the greatest moments in Baseball history. I've been fortunate enough to be there in person for some of these momentous events. So without out further adieu, here are my own personal top 10 Yankee Stadium moments that I was in attendance for.   

#10) 6/10/02 Shane Spencer hits go ahead Grand Slam to beat defending champion Arizona Diamondbacks:

Unfortunately, I couldn't find video for this one. Here's the set-up: Yanks lose the 01' World series game 7 to the D-backs on a super-rare Mariano blown save. Fast forward to June of 2002, the D-back are back at the Stadium for inter-league play and once again they're dominating the Yanks, Until Shane-o-mack steps up and knocks out a go ahead, game winning Grand Slam. I had amazing seats right behind Home Plate. I was sitting with the AZ wives who hated me by the end of the game. It was awesome.

#9) 7/22/10 Jeter's Inside the park HR.

OK OK, this was more of a sloppy play than an amazing feat, but seeing the Captain chug around the bags for his only inside-the-parker made an ordinary game a top 10 memory. Here's a crappy video:

8) 10/19/04 The Bloody Sock

To me, this game was a lock. Yanks were up 3-2 in the ALCS and the only reason the lost game 4 and 5 was because I wasn't there...Duh. Everyone remembers the "gritty" performance by Curt Shitling. My biggest memory was of that A-hole, A-rod. I was sitting on the 3rd base line, so when A-rod smacked the ball out of Arroyo's hand, I couldn't see it. Well I saw it later, a million times. Rough game to be at as a Yanks fan, great game to be at as a baseball fan!

7) 9/22/13 Mariano Rivera day

It was a beautiful afternoon, the stands were filled with passionate fans ready to give a legend the send-off he deserved. Early on the place was buzzing about a special guest. Little did we know, we were about to get our faces rocked off!

6) 2006 Opening Day

If you ever get an opportunity to go to opening day, for any team, at any Stadium...take it. There's nothing quite like seeing tens of thousands of  die-hard fans all under one roof with high hopes for the upcoming season. The place is clean, the food is fresh. You probably have heard of the person singing the National Anthem, and I promise you, you've never seen an American flag as big as the one they'll roll across the outfield. I was lucky enough to experience this a few times, but only once at the old house. It was 2006 and it was Johnny Damon's 1st game as a Yank, I couldn't find any supporting video, but here's a photo I took that day. By the way, it only took him 3 years. 

5) 9/11/09 Jeter passes Gehrig on Yankees all-time hit list.

This was a fun one. My wife and I earlier in the season decide to have a pre-anniversary. Meaning, we planned something special a year prior to our wedding. We got to the Stadium at 1 to take a tour, then we went drinking an bowling out on River ave, then a delicious meal at NYY Steak. We timed it out perfect for the 7 O'clock start. We just forgot to factor in the rain! It poured for almost 3 hours. I think the game started close to 10 pm. We were exhausted, and seriously debated going home. I'm glad we didn't.

4) 7/14/08 2008 All-Star game Workout day and Home Run Derby

When people think of Home Run Derby's, there's usually one that comes to mind, and I was there maaaaaannnnn! It was obvious early we were going to see something special, but we had no idea we'd see such dominance.

3) 7/11/87 My very first baseball game

The first ever baseball game I went to has a great story. My old man was never much of a baseball guy, but knowing I was he scored some tix to Yankees/White Sox in the Bronx. Oh yeah, and it was Old Timers Day. That's right folks, how many of you can say you saw Yankee legends including Mickey Mantle the 1st time you went to a game. The day was magic, the OTD game was 3 innings of fun. Then the pros came on and took a tie into the top of the 15th where the Chisox ended up winning. Unfortunately these are the only details I remember. I have not been able to find information on that game anywhere. I'm specifically looking to find out what other legends were there that day. Any help would be greatly appreciated and could warrant a prize! Instead of video, here's a pic of me and pops on that magical day. We probably should have switched hats. I Still have the stubs too!

2) 6/13/03 Roger Clemens 300th win/4000th K

OK this one was very much calculated. Roger Clemens sat on 299 for a while. If I remember correct he went out on a long road trip stuck at 299 so we we certain it wouldn't happen at home. Sure enough, when he couldn't get it done away, my friends and I knew we had to be there. I remember we had to meet some shady dude in  a parking lot for the tix, boy was it worth it. What a lot of people forget about that game was it was Tino Martinez's 1st game back at the Stadium after leaving for St. Louis. In his return he hit 2 bombs off of Clemens and almost wrecked the night for us (We whole-heartedly cheered him anyway). Finally Clemens got back on top, Mo saved it and we saw history. Say what you will about Clemens, the dude always appreciated his fans and constantly acknowledged the crowd. It's the little things. 

1) 10/16/03 Game 7 ALCS Aaron Fucking Boone

Next to my kid being born, this was the most exciting moment of my life. The Stadium shook. I shook. As you can tell from this list, I've been fortunate enough to see some amazing things at Yankee Stadium, but none will ever touch this amazing night. Even if you're familiar with how this game ended, I implore you to go back and watch the entire game again. It started with Clemens v. Pedro and ended with a walk-off. But it's the million story lines in-between that made this game so amazing. Boone gets a lot of credit, but without Mo going 3 (That's not a typo) perfect innings and Posada's double, Boone never even gets a chance. Sometimes if I think real hard put myself back in my seat (Section 320 by the way) and I shake all over again.

Friday, April 4, 2014

I win for me...FOR ME!!! The Triumphant return of I MUST BREAK YOU

I hope you all enjoy my return to the Video Box breaking game. 
Here's a lone box of 14 Topps Museum collection with some special guests.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's been a long time coming......

Well here it is, my first post in over 18 months. I figured this blog was kaput! I mean who's reading Baseball Card blogs anymore? So I left it up, but not updated in some sort of cardboard purgatory. Between Twitter, and other various forms of instant communication I assumed most collectors didn't have time to read something longer than 140 characters.  Then, this morning I was inspired by another blogger whose entire post centered around, well, me.

My buddy AJ over at The Lost Collector and I put together a small trade about a month ago. Check out his awesome blog and aforementioned article here: The Lost Collector 

This was an odd trade for me because as you can tell from my twitter handle (@YanksandBeans btw....follow that shit) I Collect Yankees and typically don't trade em. However if you've ever dealt with me before you know how I feel about collecting. If I have something in my collection that will enhance yours, I'm more than happy to move it. So was the case with AJ. We had a few things that could help each other out so it was a no-brainer. 

If you read his Blog you'll see just how much he appreciates what I sent to him. The same goes for me, I got some amazing stuff in return including some random Mariano cards I really needed. What really got me off about this whole trade though is his enthusiasm. The sheer joy AJ got from our trade made it all the more worth it for me. Basically it made me feel like a kid again and reminded me why I got back into collecting again in the first place. I'm a bit rejuvenated today, and this Blog and your eyes will bear the brunt of it.

Over the next few days/weeks I plan on Blogging more to bring anyone who's interested up to date on my collecting habits, and they are wacky. I'll be revealing my most recent PC items, TTM successes and if things work out, some box breaks. 

Naturally, I've picked up a few followers since my last post, and a lot of them seem to be of the tween variety. I'm hoping that some of them will find this Blog and it help them with their own collecting trends. It seems these kids are very "Big Hit" and prospect oriented.  If you fall into that category please heed this small piece of advice: Collect for you and only you. If you collect with the intent to pull only huge hits and make a profit, you will be disappointed, I promise. But if you collect cards because they mean something to you then you're ahead of the game. If you've ever felt that rush you only get from opening a fresh pack of cardboard, then you already won. If you have no idea what I'm talking about and you've never felt any of these things, move along. You're in the wrong hobby my friend.